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Start Growing

Plants can be grown hydroponically by a complete novice with no past experience at growing crops. Tropical climates demand modification of hydroponic systems. In Singapore, Oh Farms is one of the commercial providers of Hydroponic Gardening Kits. The "ready-to-grow" kit comes complete with all the necessary equipment, nutrients and seeds sufficient for 2 complete crops.

How To Set Up Oh Farms Hydroponics Gardening Kit

The Hydroponic Gardening Kit offers you an opportunity to cultivate vegetables, aromatic herbs, fruits and flowers from the comfort of your home. No air pump or electrical connections required. All you need to add is water. Just follow the step-by-step instructions. It's easy, hygenic and hassle-free!

Materials Provided With The Kit
  • Planting Trough
  • Planting Board With 6 Stoppers and 1 Filler Cap
  • Water-Level Indicator
  • Nutrient (A)
  • Nutrient (B)
  • Measuring Beaker
  • Six Plastic Net Pots
  • Leca (Light-weight Expanded Clay Aggregates)
  • Vermiculite Granules
  • Seeds

Step 1:

a. Fill the planting trough with tap water up to the "minimum level" marking line indicated on the plastic inner liner.

b. Using the measuring beaker, add 25ml of nutrient "A" into the water and stir well.

c. Then add 25ml of nutrient "B" into the water and stir well.

d. Do not add nutrient "A" and "B" into the water at the same time.

Step 2:

a. Cover the trough with the planting board.

Step 3:

a. Fill the net pots with Leca to the level above the highest aeration holes.

b. Tap the net pots gently to compact the Leca.

c. Insert the net pots into the planting board's holes.

d. Cover the leca with a layer of vermiculite.

e. Place 2-3 seeds onto the vermiculite.

f. Cover the seeds with another layer of vermiculite.

g. Gently wet the vermiculite with water using the measuring beaker.

Step 4:

a. Remove the filler cap and add in more water until the "maximum level" on the water level indicator is reached.

b. Check once every 2 days and maintain the nutrient solution level at the "maximum level" marking.

Make Your Own Hydroponic Kit

Materials Required
  • Styrofoam Box with Cover
  • Net Pots
  • Growing Media: Leca, Vermiculite, Perlite
  • Seeds
  • Nutrient Solution
  • Measuring cup
  • Marker Pen
  • Pen-knife


a. Use a styrofoam box with cover.

b. When using a white or translucent box for growing, the box should be painted a dark color or wrapped with black plastic to prevent leakage and algae growth.


a. Open a desired numbers of holes on the styrofoam cover by measuring the circumference of the pot.

b. When opening holes, ensure that the holes cut are smaller than the pot to allow the pot to sit snugly on the styrofoam cover.

Net Pots

a. Fill the net pots with Leca to cover the holes.

b. Place a layer of vermiculite.

c. Sow in 2-3 seeds on the vermiculite.

d. Cover the sowed seeds with a thin layer of vermiculite to prevent birds from eating.

e. Sprinkle water onto the vermiculite in order for the seeds to start germination.

Nutrient Solution

a. Nutrient solutions are usually sold as concentrated stock solutions. Dilute the nutrient with water to the proper concentration.
E.g. Mix 5ml of a nutrient "A" with 1 litre of water and stir well before adding nutrient "B". Stir well and pour the mixed nutrient solution into the container. Repeat till the container is filled.

b. Leftover solution must be kept in a dark area to prevent algae growth.

Final Setup

a. Place the styrofoam cover onto the box.

b. Place the pots (sowed with seeds) into the holes of the styrofoam cover.

c. Ensure the container is filled with nutrient solution till the net pots are half-submerged.

d. Place the setup in a sunny area.

After care

Topping-Up Nutrient Solution

Add 5ml of nutrient "A" to 1 litre of water. Stir well. Then add in 5ml of nutrient "B". Stir well before topping up to the required level.

Monitoring Growth

When the seedlings are about 2-3cm tall, keep only a single healthiest seedling or a maximum of 2 seedlings per net pot. (Cut away instead of pulling out the weaker ones.)

When plants are about 8-10cm tall, start maintaining the nutrient solution level at the "optimum level" marking until they are ready for harvesting, which is about 30-35 days after germination.