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Oh' Farms has the knowhow and facilities to process ready-to-cook vegetables. Peel, cut, dice, chop or slice to your requirement, these cut-vegetables are hygienically packed and ready for immediate cooking. Read More...

Company Profile

Oh' Farms - The Tropical Hydroponics Farm

Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farms Pte Ltd is one of the pioneer and most successful hydroponics farms in Singapore. Commonly called "Oh' Farms", the company made forays into hydroponics business since 1991. Oh' Farms initially started out with growing tropical vegetables. Subsequently it extended to include high-value aromatic herbs.

Endowed with strong support from Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) and National Science and Technology Board (NSTB) in Singapore, the company's continuous research and experimentation over the years has achieved significant results in adapting Hydroponics Technology to suit the tropical climate and in applying recent biotechnological innovation to dramatically improve agricultural quality and productivity.

Today, Oh' Farms comprises 220 tropical greenhouses built on 2.44 hectares of land located within Singapore's Nee Soon Agrotechnology Parks. The company's high-technology products which include hydroponics vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices have brought significant benefits, both tangible and intangible, to the consumers.

Core Values

Commitment to high-quality products

Oh' Farms is committed to bring to our consumers a wide range of high quality and pesticide-free agricultural produce. Strict hygiene in the seedling nursery and growing unit plus insect netting that stops pests from reaching the growing crop has proven to be extremely successful in raising premium-grade hydroponics produce.

Commitment to education and community

By collaborating with schools and community clubs, Oh' Farms is progressively reaching out to students at all levels and promoting hydroponics farming as a hobby to people from all walks of life. We would like to educate the younger generation to appreciate the different ways in which plant life can be sustained and raise public awareness of the many benefits hydroponics contributes towards healthy living.

Commitment to responsiveness

We believe it is our responsibility to be aware of changing lifestyles and consumer expectations and to respond to diverse needs and characters of the communities we serve. Therefore, through Oh Farms' e-Commerce Mall and Portal, we aim to create an environment for knowledge-sharing between the hydroponics farming community and the public, and to provide an effective channel for continuous information exchange and collaboration with our partners and our customers.

Key Business Activities

Vegetable Farming

Oh' Farms cultivates a wide variety of pesticide-free local vegetables which include chinese cabbage, cai xin, kang kong, bayam, xiao bai cai, butterhead lettuce and high-value herbal plants such as sweet basil, rocket, mint, oregano, dill, rosemary, tarragon, Italian parsley and thyme. The farm produces 1-1.2 tonnes of vegetables a day. Our ability to produce fresh supply readily has helped our consumers save cost of importing them significantly.

Contract Farming

Oh' Farms is well-equipped to undertake contract farming of high-value tropical vegetables and herbs for overseas importer. As a high-tech and highly efficient farm, Oh' Farms is able to conduct research into the growing of niche crops and to guarantee its clients a constant supply of high quality and fresh produce of their choice.

Knowledge Transfer

Oh' Farms is capable of assisting clients in setting up a complete unit of a hydroponics farm, irrespective of the size. The scope of work comprises:

  • Layout Planning and Design
  • Facilities Installation
  • Technical Know-How Transfer
  • Management Training

Wholesale Distribution

The Wholesale Distribution Division handles vegetables and herbal plants of foreign origins. With our excellent coldroom facilities for storage and a well-established distribution network, we can help foreign principals to ensure that their produce can effectively reach the marketplace.

Horticulture Hobbies

The Hydroponics Gardening Kit, was developed by Oh' Farms as part of our contribution towards promoting Gardening as a 'National Hobby'. We assist community centers, social clubs, schools and residents to promote hydroponics farming as a leisure and pastime hobby. Besides the gardening kits, we also provide installation of complete facilities, cultivation advice and supplies of seedlings and nutrients. Oh' Farms also retails hydroponically-cultivated plants and flowers that visitors can purchase when visiting the farms. Gardening tools like shovel, spade, rake, pots, soil and fertilizer and growing materials like vermiculite, perlite, leca, net pots can also be purchased at the farms.

Educational Farm Visits

Oh' Farms collaborates with schools to conduct educational tours to its farms. The itinerary includes a detailed introduction to the hydroponics farming process, comparison between different farming methods as well as the culinary and medicinal values of herbs.

Products & Services

Oh' Farms is a one-stop supplier for her major customers. Products ranging from local-grown vegetables and cooking herbs to imports like exotic vegetables, herbs and fruits are supplied to supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other organizations on a regular basis.

Oh' Farms helps schools incorporate the study of hydroponics or life sciences into their curricula, from the building of greenhouses within school compound to designing experiments to explore the area of life sciences. Similarly, community clubs and organizations have tapped onto Oh' Farms' expertise in setting up hydroponics facilities to promote the gardening hobby.

Oh' Farms also provides courses on topics like essential oil extraction, hydroponics cultivation, garden maintenance, etc., tailored to suit the needs of the customer. All through the year, Oh' Farms is opened to people of all ages and interests. We have received distinguished guests from other countries, school children and teachers as well as community groups.