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Going Vegetarian

Are You Ready For The Vegan Lifestyle?

Before making the switch to a vegetarian, there are many aspects of your lifestyle that needs adjustments.

Eating Habits

If you are at a restaurant that does not serve much vegetarian variety, ask if the chef can whip up a vegetarian main dish.

If you are attending a catered affair, discreetly ask the server to remove the meat from your plate and add an extra vegetable to it.

When dining at someone else's house, let your hosts know in advance that you're a vegetarian. Offer to bring a veggie dish to share.

Eat a wide variety of plant foods.

Do not overcook your vegetables, and take your fruits as soon as they are cut open, to maximize the nutrients

Health condition

As plant food can replace all nutrients obtained from meat food, vegetarians are less vulnerable to all the major diseases that harm modern people, and thus live longer and healthier lives. They have fewer physical complaints, less frequent visits to the doctor, fewer dental problems and smaller medical bills. Their immune system is stronger, their bodies are purer, more refined.

By being free of diseases, vegetarians are mentally more alert. They become more productive as a result.

Traveling habits

If you are traveling by air, let travel agents know about your vegetarian preferences in advance. Be sure to order at least 24 hours in advance, either through your travel agent or the airline's reservation line. Forgo dinking alcohol and caffeine and avoid high-sodium snacks (pretzels, peanuts, bloody Mary mix, V-8 juice) to minimize dehydration. Get up at least once an hour to stretch and walk around.

If you are traveling by car, take frequent breaks at rest stops to get out and stretch your back and legs. Bring some soothing, anti-road-rage tunes along for those times you're stuck in heavy traffic. Get plenty of rest before you hit the road so you can remain alert and resist the urge for a caffeine fix.


Have a vegetarian diet based on a variety of grains, legumes, and vegetables. Check the amount of energy, protein, and iron you need.

Before Exercising
- Drink lots of fluids and /or eat high water content foods, especially if the event is going to be outside in the heat.
- Limit high fibre foods, i.e. bran muffins, added bran cereals and breads, and fibrous raw vegetables, especially prior to exercising longer than two hours.
Avoid high protein foods such as nuts, the more protein dense legumes. Protein is the toughest nutrient to digest.

During Exercising
- Depending on you and the activity, you should be taking in 1/2 to 3/4 cups of fluids every 10-15 mins. Don't wait till your thirsty, it takes 15-20 mins for your body to utilize the water you just drank. When in doubt, drink.

After Exercising
- Your exhausted glycogen stores are in need of carbohydrate. Eat lots of high-carbohydrate foods like fruits: fresh, juiced or dried to replenish them.