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Promoting Hydroponics

In Singapore, the government is encouraging more hydroponics farms as land is scarce.

Higher Vitamin C Content

The average vitamin C content in vegetables that are hydroponically grown is higher than the ones that are soil grown.

Sample Soil grown
Hydroponically grown
Kai Lan 0.56 0.67
Chinese Spinach 0.77 0.90
Xiao Pai Chye 0.97 1.06

Higher Mineral Content & Low Metal Contents

Results have shown that the mineral content of hydroponically grown vegetables is basically similar to those grown in the soil. But with hydroponically grown vegetables, they will have the advantages of higher essential mineral content and lower heavy metal content.

  Kai Lan Xiao Pai Chye Chinese Spinach
Calcium (Ca) same same lower
Magnesium (Mg) higher higher lower
Sodium (Na) same same same
Potassium (K) higher same same
Copper (Cu) lower lower lower
Iron (Fe) lower higher lower
Zinc (Zn) lower lower lower
Phosphorus (P) same lower same
Nitrogen (N) same same same

No Pesticides Involved

Pesticides screenings with the GC/MS shows that the hydroponically grown vegetables are free from known pesticides.

Health Concern

Study had shown that consumers' fear of excessive chemicals associated with hydroponics greens were unfounded. Consumers are also more concerned whether vegetables that grow in the liquid media would constantly be absorbing "excessive nutrients" which might pose a problem to the consumers. A study on the chemical differences between vegetables grown in soil and in liquid nutrients would help to address the concern of these consumers.

Differences Between Hydroponics & Soil Growth

Consumers cannot tell the differences between hydroponically grown vegetables and traditionally grown vegetables. A study had shown that consumers were generally biased over hydroponics vegetables.