The Butterfly Lodge is uniquely created to house about 20 local butterfly species. You can get up-close to them and be awed by the beauty of these flying jewels. Read More...

The Dynamic Root Floating (DRF) Technique is a nutrient circulation hydroponics system used in a tropical climate which Oh' Farms adopts, growing hygienic and high quality leafy vegetables and culinary herbs all year round. Read More...

Designed and made in Japan, the Horizontal Pillow Packing Machine is available in two models to suit all your packing needs. Read More...

With a good understanding of the culinary and medicinal values of Herbs & Spices, not only will it enhance the flavour of food when used in cooking but also a healthier life style as it will cut down the usage of oil, artificial seasonings and condiments. Read More...

Oh' Farms has the knowhow and facilities to process ready-to-cook vegetables. Peel, cut, dice, chop or slice to your requirement, these cut-vegetables are hygienically packed and ready for immediate cooking. Read More...

Herbs & Spices

What's Growing In Our Farm

Chinese Herbs

(Acalypha wilkesiana)
(Acanthopanax trifoliatus)
Cat's Whiskers
(Orthosiphon stamineus)
Chinese Rainbell
(Strobilanthes Cusia)
(Cymbopogon nardus)
Common Selfheal
(Prunella vulgaris)
Upland Cotton
(Gossypium hirsutum)
Curry Leaf
(Murraya koenigii)
(Desmodium caudatum)
(Lawsonia inermis)
Heartleaf Houttuynia
(Houttuynia cordata Thunb)
(Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq)
Job's Tears
(Coix lacryma-jobi)
King of Bitters
(Andrographis paniculata)
(Citrus microcarpa)
(Eriobotrya japonica)
(Morus alba)
(Paederia scandens)
(Pandanus amaryfolius)
(Piper nigrum)
(Pereskia saecnarosa)
(Phyla nodiflora greene)
(Polygonum chinense)
(Hibiscus sabdariffa)
Round Mint
(Mentha rotundifolia)
Sabah snake grass
(Clinacanthus nutans)
Sawtooth coriander
(Eryngium foetidum L.)
(Stevia rebaudiana)
(Strobilanthes crispus)
(Vanilla planifolia)
Simpleleaf chastetree
(Vitex trifolia)
Water Pepper
(Polygonum hydropiper lapathifolium)
Turmeric (yellow ginger)
(Curcuma longa)