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Caterpillar Care

How to take care of the caterpillars

1. Remove the caterpillars from the container using the stick provided. Be gentle, do not hurt the caterpillars.

2. Clear the poo and
change the base paper.

3. Put in a fresh leaf and the caterpillars

4. Once the caterpillars
pupate, do not put in
leaves anymore

5. Do not disturb the pupa, it takes 1 to 2 weeks before the butterfly eclose from the casing

6. Do not keep the butterfly more than 1 day in the container.

Please release the butterfly into the environment.

How to take care of the leaves

Method 1

1. Remove the sponge and plastic from the base

2. Soak the base into a container of water

3. Snip a bit off the end of the cuttings to ensure good intake of water

4. Change the water in the container daily to ensure no
breeding of mosquitoes

5. Pick the base leaf for feeding the caterpillars

Method 2

1. Remove the sponge and plastic from the base

2. Mist the cuttings and wrap it with kitchen roll

3. Bag and seal it

4. Put it into the vegetable compartment of the fridge

5. Remove the base leaf for feeding the caterpillars

6. If the cuttings are dry, mist the leaves before bagging it