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Growing Techniques

Water Culture

(Example: NFT, Deep Flow Technique, DRF, Aeroponics)

Of all the soilless methods of growing plants, water culture, by definition is true hydroponics. In water culture, no root supporting media is used and the plant roots are fully immersed, partially immersed, or periodically sprayed with nutrient solution. As for support, polystyrene board, plastic screen or any lightweight holding frame with or without a thin layer of inert medium can be fitted above the nutrient solution to anchor the plant.

Aggregate Culture

(Example: Drip System using rockwood, sand, sawdust, etc, as planting medium)

Plants are grown in a solid hydroponics medium know as the aggregate

Hydroponics media used must be chemically inert, stable and clean.

Should drain sufficiently freely so as not to create water logging problems.

Should have adequate water and air holding spaces.

Dynamic Root Floating Technique

Dynamic Root Floating Technique

The Dynamic Root Floating (DRF) Technique is a nutrient circulation system of hydroponics developed for use in a tropical climate to grow hygienic, quality vegetable free of pesticides all year-round. The DRF technique reduces the build-up of heat in a greenhouse. Under proper management, it reduces plants to develop an air root system (numerous fine roots) in the highly humid space between the surface of the nutrient solution and the underside of the culture boards. Hence, the DRF technique overcomes the shortage of dissolved oxygen in the nutrient solution in tropical climate.

Oh Farms' DRF Technique Procedure

1) Germination
Vegetable seeds are sown in sponge and placed in the germination room for germination. It takes about 2 to 3 days for the seeds to germinate. After germination, seedlings are then transferred to the nursery for further cultivation.

2) Nursery
Seedlings are raised in the nursery house for 10 to 14 days. They are fed with nutrient solution suitable for seedlings.

3) Transplanting
Seedlings that are of optimal height and size are transplanted onto the culture panels. Once the plants are inside the production greenhouse, the netting are closed and will not be open until harvest.

4) Growing
Nutrient solution supplied to the vegetables is carefully monitored and adjusted for healthy growth of the plants.

5) Harvest
After a period of about 24 days, the plants are ready for harvest. The panels are removed from the greenhouses and brought to the harvesting area for packing.

6) Packing
Only superb quality vegetables are packed for sale.



In hydroponics, there are ten different methods of feeding a plant, like the static method, flow method, drip method, spray method, etc. If a hydroponics system is designed to supply the nutrient by the spray method, then that hydroponics system is called 'Aeroponics'. So, Aeroponics is nothing but spray hydroponics.