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How to set up DIY Hydroponics Kit

The set comes with a Styrofoam box, instruction sheet, 8 net pots, 1 packet of leca, 1 packet of vermiculite, 1 set of nutrient solution and a packet of seed of your choice.


1. Fill the net pot with leca until it covers the breathing holes.

2. Top up with vermiculite almost to the brim

3. Put 3 to 5 seeds onto the vermiculite. Space out evenly.

4. Sprinkle some vermiculite on top to cover the seeds, this is to prevent pests like birds to eat the seeds.

5. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the 7 pots.

6. Fill the container with water till 1 cm from the brim.

7. Pour in 40 ml of Nutrient A (Red colour) and pour in 40 ml of Nutrient B (colourless). Stir well.

8. Once the set up is completed, place the whole kit somewhere that has sunlight but no rain.

9. When the plants are ready for harvesting, simple cut the plants off. The whole kit can be washed and sun dried for the next cycle of crop. Leca and net pots can be recycled for another round.